Kynavi's Guide for shopping in London - Part 2

Guide Chapter 2

Boots & Superdrugs Continue.

Although we have consumer rights here in UK and we can refund for certain products. For cosmetic goods, it is always difficult to ask for refund. Therefore, it is much ideal to check out the price and the products before you purchase. So it is essential to know where the Boots & Superdrugs stores that are close to each other in Central London. There probably more than the list I provide, but in this list, these are more the shopping/ visiting area for tourists.

1. Marble Arch

Both Superdrug & Boots (S) are along Oxford Street on the same side. Superdrug is opposite to Primark. Boots is few block down the road towards Bond Street Underground station (towards the East).
Also, a good point to navigate in Oxford Street area is by locating Centre Point as it is one of the tallest building around the area.

508-520 Oxford St W1C 1NB


490 Oxford Street W1C 1LF


2. Bond Street Underground Station

The position of Superdrug is a bit tricky as it is not even shown on its store locator. But I have been in there n-th times, pretty sure it is in there.

Inside West On Shopping Centre in the basement, if you go to Bond Street underground station, then you will able to find it.

The small one is right on top of Superdrug in the same shopping centre on the ground florr.
The bigger one is along Oxford St. This has all the brand you need as most of the store don’t provide all the products.
385-389 Oxford Street W1C 2NB

3. Russell Square (since there’re so many hotels around)

Both store in the same Brunswick Centre (WC1N 1AF)
Superdrug @ Unit 33-35
Boots @ Unit 40-42

4. High Street Kensington

Boots is right next to the exit of High St Kensington Underground Station & Superdrug is right outside, across the road.

130 Kensington High St W8 7RL


127A Kensington High St W8 5SF


5. Westfield Shopping Centre, Shepherd’s Bush (Zone 2)

This is also one of the bigger Boots store, so you will able to find Urban Decay and the others.
Inside the shopping centre, refer the store guide inside.


So these are the stores that are close to each other. But there are a lot of Superdrugs and Boots around in Central London.  As well as this list, there’s 1 more Boots to mention:

Boots in Piccadilly Circus
44-46 Regent Street W1B 5RA


I think lots of people have seen it in lots of photos already, as this is really centre. lol

I just really like Google Map now, it is amazing!!!!!


[Map picture take from http://www.londondaytours.com]

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