Za True White Vitamin Powder

There are lots of stuff that I would like write a review on. So maybe start with my current favourite. Za is one of the company that I love since age 13. I have heard that Za is a sister branch of Shiseido that provide a 'cheaper' alternative for women. Even though their products are made in Taiwan, but I still like them as they are effective and valued.
So, what is this powder?

It is a compress / powder version of a whitening lotion and use after your daily routine skincare products.

Personally I prefer to use it before I put my makeup on. As it whitens/ lighten my skin and it gives my skin a smoother touch.

It contains Vitamin C and E which are the key essentials for skin, so even though I didn't find my skin colour change dramatically, but anyone who is interested can give it a go and it only costs me HKD$108 @ Sasa.

P.s. maybe worth to act as a base before putting concealer/ foundation on, I suppose.


  1. I have just bought this powder but have since realised the main ingredient is talc, which has strong carcinogenic links. Now I'm too scared to use it!

  2. @ Gemma, thanks for notifying, as I have not read the ingredient list, though I have used it for a while @@


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