Za True White Emulsion

I have used this 2 years ago. Even though I have not used this for ages, it worth to mentsion for who just start to use whitening skincare products and with a limited budget.

As the whole Za True White line contains vitamin E, this is similar to the whitening powder, but just in a lotion form. (Note that, the Za True White Lotion is more like a toner to me and this is more a white lotion form)

This can be used after you wash your face or can use for day time.

Maybe someone will ask why vitamin E is a key ingredient to whitening products. This is because any lotion contains vitamin E has around SPF 3. So this is a sunscreen protect product in a weak form. As 1st thing for whitening, you need to protect your skin from the UV that the sun gives out as it will darken your skin.

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