Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I didnt know the power of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) until 3years ago when i began to use DHC Cleaning oil to remove my makeup. I was thinking of writing a review about this myself, but yesterday, I saw a blogger, Jojoba, wrote stuff on this, so I asked her to lend me her work and she kindly agreed.

So this is the review on EVOO by Jojoba @ http://mymakeupreviews.blogspot.com/
and this is the page that I found this review: http://mymakeupreviews.blogspot.com/2009/08/skin-carethoughts-extra-virgin-olive.html

[As Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest grade of olive oil because it's made from the first pressing of the olives and has the least amount of oleic acid. The lower the acid, the more full flavoured and aromatic the oil is.

In order for an oil to be labeled extra virgin, it must contain less than 1% acidity. Virgin Olive Oil, which is the next category, can have a maximum of 2% acidity. Pure Olive Oil is often produced from inferior oils that have been blended then chemically rectified and deodorized.

I would say that you could use either Extra Virgin or Virgin Olive Oil for skin and hair. Personally, I won't be bothered with Pure Olive Oil, either as a food item or skin/hair care product.

Therefore, when purchasing fine quality olive oil, beware of bargain prices. Purchase olive oil from a reliable source that has a good turnover. Be sure the vendor is properly storing the oils. At home, olive oil should always be stored in dim glass decanters or bottles, never tins, which will impart an undesirable metallic flavour. Keep olive oil unrefrigerated in a cool dark place shielded from direct light. The full flavour of extra virgin olive oil diminishes as it ages, and it should be used within one year of production.

My favourite EVOO is from The Tuscan but countries like Spain also produces very good olive oil. Unless it's used for cooking, I really don't think there is any difference in performance. Therefore, if you don't intend to cook with it, get whatever suits your budget.

Now, allow me to share my EVOO beauty experiences with you...

1. Eye/Face Makeup Remover:

This is properly the best known function of EVOO other than cooking. My first experience with it on my eyes wasn't a happy one because I got cloudy eyes. That irritated my eyes big time and I had quit using it. However, as time went by, it seemed to lose that cloudy effect on my eyes for some unexplained reason and I returned to use it regularly.

However, I prefer using it to remove face than eye makeup. I normally leave my eye makeup to coconut oil deal with and EVOO does the cleaning work on the rest of the face. You would probably ask, "Why don't you just use coconut oil to remove all makeup?" Well, I did try that but it wasn't successful. Coconut oil isn't as runny on my skin and it seems to sink into my skin instead doing its removing makeup job. It also takes a lot more time and more coconut oil to remove face makeup compared to EVOO. Therefore, I use coconut oil to remove eye makeup (as it's more gentle) but EVOO to remove face makeup. It's a lot more efficient this way.

If I am on the move, I'd only bring EVOO for convenience's sake.

I do use an additional facial cleanser after using EVOO as oil alone doesn't help my face squeaky clean. (I am one who believes in double cleansing.) I know many may argue that double cleansing isn't suitable for dry skin (like me) but it's been working for me for many donkey years and I've never had any problems with this method so I am sticking to it.

2. Oil Removes Oil:

As my son has dry and sensitive skin, I always try to stick to natural and simple products at home. And I have taught my son well to use EVOO to prewash paint off his body then follow with Eucerin Sensitive Skin pH5 Washlotion for body and face. There is always a bottle of EVOO by the sink in the bathroom so he can reach for it easily. My son knows the routine and teaches his cousin or friends who come to play with him. :)

3. Moisturizer:

This is a light moisturizer compared to other stuff I use despite its oil form. I use EVOO on my entire body when it is dry. However, I only do this immediately after a shower and toweled dry. The oil is absorbed into the skin quicker this way and my skin feels supple without the greasy feel afterwards. If I just rub it on my dry legs and arms without a shower, the oil seems to stay on the skin instead of sinking into it. Therefore, I prefer using other commercial moisturizers for daytime, if there is a need. EVOO is treated as an "essential oil" for me, a remedy for the night. :)

4. Softens Earwax:

How disgusting!!! I know the title sounds really unappealing but it's the truth! I learned this the hard way too. This happened when my son was 3 and just started swimming lessons. One night, he woke up at midnight crying about his left ear being very painful. My husband and I had to rush him to an ENT friend's house at 1am to see if anything was wrong with his ear! (The medically trained dad checked his ear but couldn't find the problem. The dad was worried an insect might have flown inside so he woke up his good friend as he didn't want to bring his son to a 24-hour clinic. *_*)

As a result, it was because my son had too much earwax built-up. The constant swimming had made some loose and tiny blocks wobbled inside his ear. (OK, please don't gross out...) Therefore, our ENT friend gave us some clear liquid to soften those blocks. (I believe it was some gasoline based liquid but I can't recall the name now.) Then he gave a tiny bottle of olive oil to me. He explained this was the best thing for preventing earwax building up and also the best agent to clean ears with. He said just use a cotton swab to dip into the oil and lightly sweep around inner ears with the oily swab every few days and the ears will not have buildup anymore. He told me that's one of the secret weapons all the ENTs have. (I guess my gastroenterologist husband wasn't trained to clean ears so he never remembered to tell me about it! But he sheepishly whispered to me that this oil is used often in the hospitals. Darn it!)

From then on, I have been using EVOO for this purpose and I dare to say all our ears are quite clean. :) My dad said that he finally could hear better after all these years. OMG! I wonder how much earwax he had in his ears before the EVOO came along. (Shuddered...)

5. Deep Hair Conditioner:

I don't do this often other than when I am on a trip as I normally dislike hotel shampoo and conditioner (especially when they give you those 2-in-1 products.) I will use some olive oil on my hair like the way you'd do with any prewash conditioner. I will massage the oil on my dry, dirty hair for a while before stepping into the shower for a good, deep wash. Be ware of washing the oil off carefully or else you can end up with lumpy unruly hair that may lead you back to the bathroom for another wash! If dealt properly, you will end up with baby soft hair that's so shiny. I know I normally use Coconut Milk Hair Soak to deep condition my hair, but this is the drastic measure for a dire circumstance when I am on the move...] *

*All the paragraphs above belongs to Jojoba @ http://mymakeupreviews.blogspot.com/

p.s. I will write a review on EVOO when I have time, as I am kinda busy atm...

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