My DIY Make UP Palette

See post 推介!! $88 自組彩妝寶盒 @ http://www.theztyle.com/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=3049&highlight=%E7%84%A1%E5%8D%B0), I thought this is a good idea.

Can't find the case in that post in London Muji, so have to stick to the one without mirror.. But can always stick another one though....

So here's the end product which took me a few hour as this is my 1st time @.@:
Close Look:


LHS: DiorSkin Extreme Fit Moist Compact Foundation SPF25
RHS: The Body Shop Eye Colour Fusion Shade: Fusion Brown
the Gold & white e/s, I forgot what they are, bought from Sasa few years ago, the packing all wear out.. @.@

LHS: Sponge
RHS: 17 Lip Gloss Bonjour Monsieur

Don't know whether anyone can guess where the blue palette from.. they are acutally the original packing of my Dior foundation sample, I used 2 sample and just cut the base out to fit into this Muji card case.

Also, remove the original metal pan that hold the foundation and repress the foundation as i need the metal pan for another palette. As the pan is glued on, so use nail polish remover to dissolve the glue and use rubbing alcohol to clean it before you press anything into it.

p.s. i need to find a few mini lip brush, but seems quite difficult @.@

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