This week shopping

Boots again, when I was thinking of what to write today, just felt so bored. Well, put it this way, I do not have to extra money to shop either at Harrods or Selfridges. The only choices are either Boots or Superdrugs.

I used to be a Superdrugs fan as the prices were cheaper. But nowadays, the prices are quite similar and I much prefer Boots as the stores are much cleaner and also because of its advantage card which can collect points for cash back.

Still using No7 voucher, so got the pair of sponge for 50p as the original price is £5.50.

As I didn't sleep well these few days, so need extra eye gel, dont know whether this is good or not, but at least it is only £1.49, can have a go. I have tried yesterday, didn't spot any difference, but at least the smell, textures, etc are okay for me.

Special offer for Botanics. Free face wipes when you buy any facial skincare product. So got this organic toner for my bf as it is quite important to put toner on before applying lotions. I was thinking of getting him mens products, but as it is jus toner, think it will be okay to use womens. Also the smell is very nice too.. (someone making excuse to buy stuff here @.@)

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