My DIY Make Up Palette 2

When I was browsing in Muji this afternoon, found out a cheap PP pill case, only 85p, so thought I can have another go to make my own palette. (as the white case is £3.xx, I found it rather expensive, although I prefer the white ABS more now @.@)

Anyway, the reason that I want to make my own palette is that I am not an eyeshadow freak/lover, as I much prefer using Kohl or other eyeliner pencil, since they are easy to control, like kids using colour pencil @.@ The palettes available are more eyeshadow base or even jus cheek, eye & lip palette. The only problems is that I just want a pressed power/foundation to reconceal my areas and the eyeliner that has fade out during the time. Also, I just need some eyeshadow or eyeliner to reline my eyes. So that's why I did the one below and the one in previous post.

Well, I put a blush in this one... as I think even though this doesn't look as grand as the other, but this fits perfectly well into my suit pocket or ladies handbag for special occasion.

Close Look:
DiorSkin Extreme Fit Moist Compact Foundation SPF25
The Body Shop Blush (Rose) -> I only have 1 main blush, as I don't need blush at all, only during those day in the month...
No. 7 Eyeshadow palette (Graphite)

The Dior and No7 are in their original pan, but for the Body Shop one, I have to 'borrow' a pan from my other eyeshadow palette that I bought in Bonjour (HK), as I don't have any empty pans and the one I found online are all circles.... Therefore, anyone knows what company sells square pans?

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