Sleek i-divine Bohemian Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

Finally! After a lots of hassle, I finally managed to get this for myself and 2 extra for our fellow blogger, Angel in the States. I seriously don't understand what had happened... This is because I went into the local Superdrug yesterday as the palettes are new on shelf. However, when I was there around 10ish in the morning, only 3 palettes left... So I rush to the till to check out, but then the cashier refused to check out for me as he claimed that the palettes weren't registered in the HO, so I can only buy them the next day. After lots of hassle and dazzle, I managed to reserve the last 3, so that I can come in today to collect. 

And.. when I walked in today, nobodies really know where the palettes are and so I have to wait for them to sort out.. now even the make up sales lady remembered me now @.@ as last time I have trouble with the receipt when I was buying Barry M stuff. (now I am called the 'Barry M' girl by the sales lady, sigh~)

Anyway, let's have a look at the palette, even though there are lots of reviews already among the bloggers, I am not bored by this at all....lol

Closer Look

And of cause, swatches

Full swatches

Closer swatches

The texture of the eye shadows are quite good, as it is very easy to apply and the colours are wonderful. I heard that there has been problems with the matte coloured eye shadows and I quite agreed with that. This is because compare with the metallic eye shadows, the matte ones are slightly disadvantaged. Also, when just realise that the colours are shown much better when the skin is slightly damped, you can see that on the last few swatches as my fingers are bit dampened as I kept using a cleansing wipe to wipe my fingers.

For £4.99, it is quite a bargain as the shadows are highly pigmented. However, I just wonder does it really worth the border as I already have 2 bad experience with the company. @.@



p.s. I have the problem with the company's PR, sigh~ but it's a long story......


  1. I can't wait to receive mine. :-) Besides, I can't wait to test the matte e/s as I fortunately can cope with them. Believe me, they are much better than matte drugstore e/s in Germany.
    Which problems with the PR? So sorry but I'm curious to know.*blush*

  2. Mylanqolia: that's great that you have won the competition, congrats! Well, they are much better than the e/s I have at home... @.@ well.. for the problem.. i think i will write it up later as even longer story to tell... sigh...


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