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As there's still snow and I had enough bad experience during the X'mas Sale, so I changed my target, and focus my shopping online. But, that made the situation worst. As now I can shop easily and comfortably, I bought too much and my paypal account is already empty...sigh~

Currently, I am waiting for 4 out of 6 parcels, why they are not here yet??!! I have waited for 7 days.... Only 1 has come though @.@

So here are my 6:

1. Ebay  - Arden Sheer White Intensive Capsules - Arrived
2. fragrance direct - lots of random things
3. Avon - just a bottle of shampoo and lip gloss - coz i received a free delivery on any amount one day and special discount for members @.@
4. Yves Rocher - just randomly browse on forum and saw 1 lady mention this company, then realise the prices aren't too bad, so bought a few things... £16 gone ...sigh~
5. ASOS - o.m.g. there's a special sale on there and a great dicount on Barry M, Models Own, etc so bought a few and my bf got some shoes for him.... -> he is more the lady @ home, as he can be crazy when it is about shoes =.=////
6. Space NK - finally... i had made up my mind, after hunting in so many Space NK, all the Sonia Kashuk brushes are sold out.. and a tiny reduction online, i surrendered and paid the £5 delivery for the brushes, hope they are nice....

Therefore, conclusion is that I have to ban myself walking into any Boots/ Superdrugs, don't go to cosmetic related shopping web and not to go cosmestic counter/ corridor in supermarket either .... poor me...


p.s. 13th Jan
first update, my avon parcel arrived, but then I understand postman doesn't want to carry back the parcel back to depot when there's no1 @ home, but really, he/she shouldn't just tuck my parcel in the postbox with 3/4 hanging out. I live on the ground floor and the post box is just on the street level! it will be so easy for someone who walk across to loot it off @.@

p.s.s. 2nd update on the 19th Jan
as my friend came over, so didn't find time to upload stuff...
the packages from ASOS and Space NK has arrived few days ago and the Fragrance Direct one finally did arrive by catching the post-woman today...sigh~

Only 1 left.... sigh~
so good that my friend bought the Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream Set (that my bf got me last time) from me, so can cover some cost from this lot...

p.s.s. final update
Yves Rocher products finally arrived in this icy cold morning... and stuff are lovely... keke


  1. I prefer online shopping to anything! :P
    You can always find better deals! :P

  2. so true, but then i sometimes like to hold the real thing 1st, before i buy.. as i acutally bought wrong stuffs online before, sigh~


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