Camexpo @ Earls Court, Oct 09

This is a very belated post. I went to the natural beauty exhibition, Camexpo with my friend during October. Normally, I won't go for such exhibition, but since my friend got hold of free entry tickets (as she contact one of the exhibitor), so why not?

but then, I don't know what had happened and why I have forgot them till now...hm....

So here's the stuff I bought

Yogi Tea

I think I got this 3 of £5. I only tried the Rose when I got it, I thought it was okay and can have a go. But when I drank that at home, I just found the taste bit too dilute and weak. Also, Lotus is not nice, it is kind of strange, but I don't know how to describe... So probably, I won't buy this brand again...


If anyone interested in DIY skincare & makeup, this is a good equipment store, as they have a good range available. The price online is different though, as they charged the VAT on top of the labelled price. But during the exhibition, it is VAT off and extra 10% discount too...

Balm Balm

This is the reason that my friend want to go to this exhibition, as their products are only available online. (although their lip balms are available in Boots nowadays) Their products are quite good, esp the face balm, I must say, cause an extra dose of shea butter & bees wax is always good for dry skin. I didn't like it in the 1st place, but when the weather was getting colder and colder, the heater was getting hotter, so my skin kind of dried up, so extra layer oil helps.

The essential oils weren't the cheapest in the show or compare with the shops outside, but since they are 100% organic, so why not give it a go?

Also, apparently, it is popular before in HK as some famous models love their products, don't know anyone heard of that?

Cahn Aromatherapy

For £6, this tiny face mist is very expensive. But the only reason I bought this is that this company produce skincare products for lots of high end deparment store and so I just though I should give it a go.
The smell of the mist is really nice. The smell of geranium & sandalwood is perfectly balance. It really nourishes and keep my skin calm.

Munchy Seeds

As the name said all, it is best used for munching, and nuts & seeds give all the essential vitamins and mineral for our skins. So perfect for skin. There are few more favour other than the 1 I bought and they are also available in Waitrose too.


p.s. here are the useful site related to this:

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