The Things that I am interested by other bloggers

I was reading my accounting reading just now. Then thought, I want to make a list of the stuff that I want to & afford to buy before I just start buying things on ebay & other websites =.=///
(I said that as I am waiting a giant parcel of Stila, Paul & Joe, Jemma Kidd and other....)

So here are the companies that I heard are good, but I haven't got the dosh to buy them yet... though they are quite cheap, sigh~
(N.B. they are not in any particular order)

1. Sleek

Lots of bloggers are 'on fire' or 'grow grass' by their eye shadow palettes and shape & sculpt duo. They are available at Superdrug and their products are from £2-7.

2. Beauty Uk
I heard their eye shadow palettes are good, highly pigmented consider they are only around £3 each for 10 colour. (available at Superdrug)

3. Prestige

Their eyeliners are excellent, around £5 at Boots. I have tried them before at the counter, but why didn't I buy it before??? Now it is v. hot...

4.George by Asda

I heard that the nail polish, which is £1 each is very good, but I bought enough nail polish for myself, so don't think I will have the chance to buy it...
(and its difficult to find a photo for it other than in other people's blogs)

5.  Barbara Daly for Tesco

To me, Barbara Daly is a legend. She is a famous makeup artist before the ones that we know, like Bobbi Brown or Jemma Kidd... She did the makeup for Princess Diana on her wedding day and think if I researched correctly, she worked for The Body Shop for its cosmetic line. So, I am quite looking forward to try her new line for Tesco.

Actually, once I found its shelf in 1 Tesco, but for some unknown reason, the shelf was shutted and I didn't have time to find a staff to open it (as it said on the shelf, ask for staff to open it @.@) as I needed to dash to the cinema for Sherlock Holmes.

What else...??
And of course the usual one like Boujois, Rimmel, Primark, Relvon...etc etc...

Tell me what else I have left out...



p.s. just suddenly when i was 'awaking', i forgot to mention 1 things.... oh my gosh... that's...

6.Gosh Cosmetic

Their velvet eyeliner is one the best eyeliner that I have. It is even nicer than the Dior waterproof eyeliner and in a fraction of the price. Also, if any ladies want a cheap version of M.A.C brushes, get Gosh brushes if you dont want to wait for the postman to show up at your door, coz Sigma or Crown will be the 2 I think will be similar to M.A.C.

Anyway, talking about postman, my dear local postman just put my goodies that I bought on ebay right outside my door while I was at home for the whole day. I know it is cold outside, at least you can knock? I lived on the ground floor and I pretty sure you can hear my music and see the light too!!


  1. hi, i'm your latest blog follower now! i just love your blog... i think i have a lot of things to learn from your posts, so im browsing them now one by one.


  2. Hi, thanks for following... and feel free to browse ;-P


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