How to store your cosmetics??- Part I

I was thinking of going to write this matter few days ago. But since I have read an article regarding this matter (see previous entry), so I just thought it may be a good idea to write this now~

The one I want to talk about is the white plastic tray that was holding my makeup. It is from the Anordna bathroom storage line from IKEA. As lots of people know, Ikea products are cheap and multi-purpose, so this is a good thing to buy.

I got the old series, which unlikely, I cannot find any photos of them on Ikea official site. Think it is now around £5 a set (2 -3 trays depends on price & size); but I got it for £1 for 4 as my bf spotted them at the bargain corner (so worth to check that corner out if you pop into Ikea.

This is one of the new series I saw:

Furthermore, I got a round holder for my lipsticks too from the same line for 10p too. They are really my favourites...

There's other reason that I like this line other than it is very cheap. It is not just a tray, but can be a 'pull out' to your toilet unit/ wardrobe. There's 'hoods' included in the tray, so you can reorganise your old ikea cupboard/ wardrobe/ storage units. It is perfect for toiletries & makeup. This is one of the examples I found online:

(copied from design-milk.com)

I think I will buy more these trays when I need to buy/ renew my furnitures, even though I am using all Ikea furnitures, the size of my storage units are too big for the trays...sigh~

So, how do you store your stuff??


p.s. There's 1 more recommendation, which I found in Poundland

3 layer plastic drawer for £1!

(although it is not deep nor tall enough for foundations/ full size skin care, it's good enough for samples, mini size perfume & skincare)


  1. oh.. made me think again... i want to "properly" organize my cosmetics however, i'm still in the look out for nice acrylic or plastic drawers. thanks for the suggestion!



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