Summary of the products that I like for 2009


I was planning to write my last piece of review right before the end of 2009, but then, i was distracted and was watching Black Bulter (黒執事), so didn't have time to type up @.@ I either stayed at home or went out shopping right after new year, so didn't have time to surf online too.

Here's the top 10 products, both skincare and makeup that I love most
(N.B. not in a particular order)

1. e.l.f. Studio Bronzer - Cool

I always looking for a palette that can do shape and sculpt together at the same time...But there aren't many option available from Boots/ Superdrugs. The most famous one is the M.A.C. Sculpt & Shape Duo like the one below

But then, I found it rather expensive... So I use this as an example and found an other alternative.

For £3.50, this e.l.f. bronzer is really good for this purpose... (which I will type a review if I had the time...sigh~)

2. Everyday Mineral Angled Brush 

For USD$ 8, this is the best brush that I have and it is perfect for mineral makeup. Sadly, this is not available on everyminerals.com... if I know this earlier, I will at least buy 2-3 more...sigh~ so I have to take extra care to keep it well....

3. e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip - Spotlight

see more details on my recent post -> Click Here

4. Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara

I prefer Lancome's  or Primark's mascara more before, and I didn't like Estee Lauder's mascara before as I have a bad experience... But then, after I used this. It is perfect, it lasted and extended my lashes well. Also, one more good point, it is easy to brush on without clotting my eye lashes.

5. e.l.f. Mini Makeup Collection

see more details on my recent post -> Click Here

6. Avon Care Rich Moisture Glycerine Hand Cream

see more details on my recent post ->Click Here

7. Homemade Lavender, Rose Face Cream

see more details on my recent post ->Click Here

8. Olay Total Effects Radiance Enhance Cream Wash

This is my favourite cleanser at the moment, as it is cheap and effective. It removed excess oil and dust gently without giving the skin a hard time. It is good for everyday use.

9.  Garnier Eye Roll On

I have already bought a spare new one even though I haven't finish the old one yet... But there's 1 annoying point though... I just saw online Boots.com, there will be a new caffeine roll on which is used for dark circle.... i cant wait !!!!!!!!

10.  Botanics Organic Rosewater Toner

There's a few more things I want to put in this summary... But then... since I have already chosen a face cream, so I think I should put a toner here instead...



  1. Nice list! :)
    I want to try some of e.l.f's newer products :)
    I love their eyeshadows! :P

    thanks so much for dropping by and following my blog by the way! <3 I really appreciate it! :)


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