Olay Pore Refining Mouse Cleanser

I think lots of bloggers who live in UK will pop to poundland, 99p shop or other pound shop for a bargain hunt sometimes. As I saw this on a forum last week, I pop into the local poundland and look for this... Although that particular lady did not enjoy this product much as she said this product was not effective on her, I actually think there's no harm if I give it a try. Only a pound, nothing lose. (besides, I checked online, it costs USD$8 to get this in the states, so finally there's something cheaper here~)

The reason that I recommenced ladies to buy this and try is that I love the texture of the mousse. Normally, i use those toothpaste shaped bottle cleaners, it wont give me a foam textures, (unless I use those 'foam-forming' net that I saw some Asian ladies used online).

As a pore refining cleansers, I don't think it works as good as Origin's Modern Friction or Biore Pore Refining Cleasner. But, as a daily cleanser, it works brilliantly. My pores are more refining (compare with my daily olay cleanser) after I used this 3days in a row and my black heads are more 'shown up' after I came out from the shower. Furthermore, my skin wasn't too tight right after cleansing it, I can still stand for an hour before applying toners and creams.

The only 1 problem is that as it is in an aerosol can, I have no idea how long this will last. So I cannot really estimate how worthy this product is. ( But, I have already use more than 10times, so not that $$, yea?)

Worth to try, at least it is different from old toothpaste tube cleaners. Also, its by Olay, one of the brand that I really think worth the money, so if you see it at the price around £1, grab it home, why not?

Score 70/100


p.s. there's a green version, I think its a moisturizing version, or something like that @.@

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