Sonia Kashuk Brushes

As I mentioned before, the brushes from Space Nk have arrived in my place (in a black box XD). The texture, the finishing of the brushes are in good quality.  I bought the following brushes for £4-6 each (original price is around £2x each:
Angled Blush
Synthetic Flat Top

Sonia Kashuk is more famous for her eye shadow brushes, but then I need face brushes more... and I heard that animal hair is used in her blush brush.

I compared the brushes with the similar ones I have already (photo above). The texture of the contour & angled brushes are really good. Compare with my everyday mineral brush, they are much smaller in size, but actually fit much better for my face. Now I use the contour for highlight, angled for shading and everyday mineral for touch up.

On the other hand, I was quite disappointed with the flat top brush, but this maybe due to the fact that I am not quite use the exact use of this brush?! Compare with my e.l.f. powder brush, I love the e.l.f. one more. The size of this flat top brush is perfectly, but there's so much synthetic hair, it makes it quite hard and dense, not fluffy at all. (though the quality of the hair is good, its nice and soft) Therefore, I may just keep it and see what can I do with it later on...


For £2x, I definitely not recommended to buy any of them as they don't worth that much, and since the price in the states is much cheaper. BUT, for £4-6, it is perfectly fine, as I bought the everyday mineral for USD$10 (around £6) and e.l.f. for £3.50.

Also, not recommend to shop online @ spacenk.co.uk as delivery is £5, though there were 4 samples included and packed in a black cardboard box (which I like) filled with polystyrene.

Contour 80/100
Angled Blush 70/100 (due to the messiness of the hair when it arrived)
Synthetic Flat Top 45/100 ( I still haven't figure out the usage)

So, since I heard lots of people have bought this, I am looking forward to see other people's review~


p.s. the design of the handle is kind of the selling point for this set of brushes, i think. Although they are much easier to handle, totally no good for travel...

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