How to store your cosmetics??- Part II

Waiting & waiting... bought a few stuff from BrandAlley, Asos & Ebay... most of them aren't here yet =.=///

I almost forgot this post and wrote my foundation review. But then, here's the 2nd part.

When I was living in HK, I always use the core of the toilet roll or other candy tubes for art/ envrionment friendly topic homework, as this is the most efficient way to complete the tittle. Also, this method is cheap and I don't need to pack them when I need to move house. (since i move house almost once every year)

To make this brush stand, all you need is a par of scissor/ pen knife (cutter) and some old gift box/ candy tube/ even core of a toilet roll, some cardboard & sticky tape. 

Other option is to get a plastic pen holder/ remote control holder from pound shop or shops like that. I bought my pen holder (for my pens on my desk) from japan centre in London, as that is the kind that I normally used.


there's a special offer on e.l.f. at the moment, quite temped... sigh~


  1. This is such a cute idea and mmmm, mars planets :) Please please follow me? xxx

  2. Yea~ another reason to pop a tube into the basket in supermarket ;-P


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