My Lip Care Collection

As i took out all my lip balm & salve, I finally realised how many lip care product I have... So this post is a post that I stop buying lip balm...i suppose... but then, I think I have jsut order a few recently which will hopefully arrive soon...@.@

L- R:
1. Avon Care Dry Skin SoS Lip Cream - which just arrived today
2. Molton Brown Vitamin Lipsaver - the most expensive in the bunch
3. Uriage Stick Protecteur
4. Johnson's Pearly Lip - the worst
5. Natural Collection Vanilla Lip Salve - the lemon one is better taste
6. Burt's Bees Replemishing Lip Balm
7. Za Vitamin Lip - the only SPF26 lip balm I have
8. Avon Care Lip Balm (Christmas Edition)
9. Balm Balm Tea Tree Lip Balm - I actually use it as face cream more than lip balm
10. The Body Shop Born Lippy - I have 2 of them, though I don't actually really like them.

Moistursing & Protecting:
1,2,3,8 are the best

2 is the most $$, £10.50 each for 7ml.
8. is the cheapest, only 50p when I got it.

Weight/ Volume:
1 &10 are the heaviest, 10ml each. Others are around 4.5g / 5ml each

Consider all the factors, I will buy both of the Avon ones again. Although I like the Molton Brown one, its kind of too costly. The worst is the Johnson's one as when your lips are dry, you don't want your lips to coated with a pearly gloss as it exaggerated the dry lines.

Score from highest - lowest: 8>3>1>2>6>5>9>7>10>4

What do you think of them then?



  1. nice collection :)
    I like burts bees products :) and I think i've tried the ZA one :P
    but I haven't tried the rest.
    Maybe I should try some avons since you like them :)

  2. haha... yea.. avon is nice and cheap, at least for some of its products...


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