Stop before it grows again...

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Stop before it grows again??

What are you talking about??

I was editing my photos on piscasa yesterday night, I just realised that I actually took lots of photos for writing this blog. But then, as not many people read, I kind of lie back and didn't update as often as I should.

Then, what happened? My makeup collection grows much faster than I took the photos, so even though I managed to take, edit the photos of my collections of brushes, mascaras, eyeliners, the photos are really useful at all...

So basically this is the summary of my collection as a whole.

Aug 09

Only 4 trays, and that's all I have...sigh~ few years ago, it was much smaller, only 1 small makeup bag...

Dec 09'

The collection was even bigger than this, but I gave the unused to my friends and sold a bit on ebay too... sigh~ only know to buy, buy and buy when they are on sale, special promotion, etc....=.=///

At last, my current collection this month. (and I have moved them for the cold corner in the wardrobe)

(N.B. this is my current collections, the unused ones are not here in this photo... which is 3 drawer worth... though some of them are presents for fds)

This is not a huge collections. But then, I still think I shouldn't buy too many if I only use a few thing everyday...

So I should warn myself next time... kakaka...

By saying this, I just bought a Rimmel London Mousse Foundation from Savers for £1.99...sigh~

So, how about you?


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