Beaute de Kose Sensational White Moisturizer R

Kose is one of my favourite brand, as its products are not costly and they are mostly reliable.
I am not sure whether this is discontiuned or not, as I cannot find it on the offical site and for the japanese offical site, there's a new line called White Succeed, so I suppose this replaced sensational white line.

Apparently, ' this whitening emulsion is formulated with whitening with whitening and support ingredients that prevent the occurrence of blotches and freckles by controlling excess melanin production. Instantly brightens the complexion and provides hydration to the skin.'*

Compare with lots of other whitening products that I have used before, this is not the best option. This is because well, how shall I say... just a personal opinion, I think... coz now I just don't actually remember why I didn't like it. Just that the texture is quite thick and quite greasy, so I did not enjoy using it much.

Well, since it is already discontinued, so I won't give it a score, rather, I just treated this entry as a record, a entry for my beauty diary.


p.s. hopefully I can do a Body Shop or Debenhams Haul tomorrow... depends what is waiting for me at the sorting office as I was still sleeping when the postman dropped by. @.@

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