DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

The reason that I start to use DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is that my mum uses this at home, so when I start to put make up on, quite obviously that I will end up using this. The concept of cleansing oil start from Shu Uemura, but then, the price tag was quite high in HK, unless you buy this in Taiwan around 10 years ago (my source for this is my mum, a housewife, who carefully compare the prices). So when DHC launched in HK, my mum bought this to have a try out and I think we have already used at least 5 bottles in total (since I have used almost 2 bottle and got 1 bottle in the cupboard in UK)

So did I tried the other cleansing oil?

Yes, actually... 

I tried Shu Uemura's white recovery brightening cleansing oil when my mum brought a small sample when she visited my place in London last year and I tired Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil sample that came with a Taiwan magazine that I bought in HK airport.

Compare with these 2, I like the texture of DHC more as it is less viscous, which is easier for me to 'rub' around my face to remove the makeup. Also, I found that DHC is more 'powerful' as the make up can be removed very easily while the others, I need more time to work on. Furthermore, Neutrogena one irritates my eyes, so I don't think I will purchase that at all, but do note that, even it is the same product, I am not sure the formula will be the same or not, as it depends on the manufacturing origin. (I said that as since I have home here in UK and home in HK, or my relatives' place in the States, even if it's the same brand, same product, e.g. Pantene shampoo, they are different depends on where you purchased @.@) 

Also, one thing that I will rate the product is the packaging. I have samples for these 3 cleansing oil, I like DHC packaging the best. This is because the bottle is a stretched oval shape which is much easier to handle when you have one palm full of oil. Of course, Shu's design is not bad too, for their cleansing oil, there're lots of choices depends on your skin type/ need. However, the packaging of Neutrogena is the worst, as it simple come in a bottle and a screw cap, nothing else, (I am not sure what's the word that is called for the plastic cap that has a hole to control the liquid, so that it come out drop by drop @.@ please tell me if you know what I meant, thanks), so I just accidently pour out 1/2 of the bottle into the sink as it slipped out of my hand when I used that for the 1st time @.@

I still wonder whether I will repurchase or not, as I am quite tempted to try to make my own cleansing oil that I saw online... Also, I am quite tempted to try Ponds' or Biore's new cleansing oil as I saw the comments in HK forums and that the price is cheaper. (as these are the Japanese editions, seems every multinational company like to produce a set of 'western' edition and a 'Japanese/ Asia' edition for the cosmetics/skincare lines) However, other than these uncertainities, I think I am going to continue to use this as a bottle does last me around 1 year even though I used almost every single day. So for £16 (just checked out on DHC official site), it's not a bad price, is it?


Where to purchase?
For anyone who is not living in Asia (as they have stores in HK, Japan, Taiwan, etc), DHC has their own website in UK and US


p.s. thanks for everyone that have entered my giveaway, I didn't expect I will have response this quick!

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