Graze fruit box

I received this in the mail box today. As well as skincare product, fruits and nuts are good for skin as they have lots of essential minerals and vitamins that we need. You can arrange delivery for every week or every other week for £2.99 a box and you can choose either fruit or just nuts.

I have already finished the nuts as they are really crunchy and not salty at all... my bf already consumed all the olives too as I don't eat olive at all, so it is very rare to have olive at home @.@

As well as the individual packaging for the fruits and nuts, they included a nutrient table too, which is good for calories conscious people...
(please ignore my physics notes at the background lol)

So you interest? Get your 1st free box by clicking here to order.


Disclaimer: I do not work for this company or have any affairs with this company.  But the site included, or using this code 8C25M12, I can have £1 for the charity, Rain forest Alliance.

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