DIY Brush Cover/ Guard

I have read lots of reviews relating the advantages of using a brush guard to keep the makeup brushes in shape....But consider the price of the brush guard that is available on the market and the actual use, I was trying to find an alternative way.

So here we are:

You need the following:
Some clothes (old or new, but make sure they are clean/ washed)
Hemming web tape (can get in any supermarket)
Pin (optional)

Fold up the cloth to match the size of the brush, then, cut a piece of the Hemming web tape that is similar to the size of the overlap of the cloth, and pin it the cloth.

(Note that make sure the cloth can go though the whole brush from the bottom, as when you put the cover on, it should go from the bottom to top, so that it smooths the hair of the brush. I actually made a mistake and made the cover too small, as the bottom of The Body Shop brush is too big compare with its head @.@)

Apply the iron on top of the cloth to melt the Hemming web tape and hold around 5-10 secs to make sure it sticks.

Then that's it, it is very easy to do!

And here's the 9 that I did yesterday. I think I got these cloths from a sofa company, think they are samples of their sofa covers, that'y why they are all in different colour, pattern and texture.

So what do you think of this?


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  1. cool idea! I'm excited to make some for my brushes too, my only problem now is that, I don't know where to get hemming web tape here in Phils..=(, anyhoo, thanks for sharing this idea=)


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