Sleek Creme To Powder Tester Kit - Light

Bought and received these this week. I have problem with Sleek's customer services, (which I hopefully can write up the whole story next week, as I am still waiting for responses), but this doesn't affect my view on the products.

I have tested the Creme to Powder foundation, but not the New Skin Revive as they come in tube form. I have order both kits in Light, so by trying one colour is the same as trying both. lol

I really like the idea of tester palette as I have already got idea what to do with it when I have finished the product. Also, this palette looks like a concealer palette which I think that's the way that I am going to use it.


From L-R:

458 Latte
485 Bamboo
478 Calico
484 Sand
465 Shell

After I tried them out on my jawline, I think Sand is the best at the moment, but Shell is better for winter and Calico is possible for summer. I found the range of foundation is quite limited for whiter skin ladies as a Asian, my skin is still darker than white/ blonde ladies. However, their  range for darker skin is excellent. Since Sleek produces 2 more ranges, medium and dark, so for the darkest skin, they have more options. 

The coverage is medium/ high as the redness and the blueness of my vein and vessels are covered quite well on the skin of my arm. Also, it does last quite long, as I tried the foundation yesterday, the foundation strips are still barely visible today while I have washed lots of dishes and showered already.

For £2 (+ p&p £3) the kit is quite good to try out as there's lots of product, 8g in total, and the packaging is quite decent too.If anyone interest in the tester kit, there are 5 choices available: light, light/medium, medium, medium/dark and dark.

So have anyone try this and what do you think?


p.s. I hope things will be sorted by next week, as I am already not impressed nor pleased with the incidents I have. sigh.


  1. Thank you for posting this :) This is a great ideat to test out a product. Why is the palette wet?

  2. Helena: I have no idea too, when I opened the package, they were already like that... sigh...

  3. you already wash the dishes and its still there, wow, the staying power is great then, thanks for sharing =)

  4. Hi ! :) Sleek is having 50% off very soon, so I was looking for swatches/reviews on this foundation and I found yours! I'm getting Sand! :) Thank you! :)

    Could you check out my blog too? :)


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