Boots Vitamin E Moisture Lotion

As I have mentioned before, vitamin E is good for skin. This is another product that I love. Lots of people  loves The Body Shop Vitamin E products, this is a cheaper version.

It is only £0.77 for a 150ml lotion, which is a real bargin. Well, it doesn't give you any fancy improvment. But it is good as it does the basic: moisturise and SPF 3 protection.

I used this as my day and night cream. I use it heavily when I got skin irritant as I allgeric to lots of things and the result is that my skin on the face turns red, dry and hot.

Sadly, it is not availabe in Boots anymore, as they have a new Vitamin E line come up in a higher price (around £3 for a lotion isnt that high though@.@), so I may try the new line when I finish my stock as I luckily got hold of 1 extra bottles. XD

Well, what can I say? Since it is already been discontiuned, sigh~



p.s. I don't think I will do any update this weekend, as I am off to my friends' place and don't think I will bring my pc with me. So have a nice weekend everyone!

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