Crabtree & Evelyn Balancing Toner

There are 2 things I like about this toner:
  1. The spray bottle - because other toner i bought before didnt include a spray head, so I have to buy an extra bottle.
  2. The smell of alpine flower really nice.
From the box, it said:
Refresh and rebalance. This pure and gentle alcohol-free formula, with natural alpine extracts, soothes and calms while it helps moisturise and condition the skin. Apply after cleansing to prepare the skin for any type of moisturising treatments. For all skin types.

Well, it didnt give me a significant effect of skin improvement, but for its price, £4.25, for 150ml, its good enough for daily use, to at least moisturise. However, there's one big problem: it really irriated my skin after I spray that on my eye lid... so I really don't think I will buy this ever again.

I don't think I recommended this at all....sigh.. as this is one of the worst toner I ever have.


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