Shopping x 2

Shopping and shopping, seems nowadays the only thing i can do is shopping....Thanks to internet shopping, now i can just stay at home and do the rest.

Just collected the parcels from the local sorting office and here i have from Debenhams & The Body shop. 

Job done for my own supply and friend's presents!


from Debenhams. There was a bare minerals promotion. For any beauty purchase, there's a complimary 10days supply of their best selling foundation (medium beige) and a small kabuki brush.

I have washed the brush already. I think it is real animal hair as I can smell that even after i washed it... i read only before, there's a method to clean up the smell, but I cannot find it, so can anyone tell me?? thanks.

Also, glad that they included a perfume sample as I love to collect more samples!

bought these from The Body Shop and there was a special offer, so got my fd's presents cheaply sorted (shush....) ;-P


p.s. for tomorrow, i will write about this

(DIY) Brush cover.

(my ironing board cover looks so colourful, isn't it?! keke)

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