Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Just a quick notice

As my exams coming up soon, so I may not update my blog as often as I used to, but still I will continue to write reviews for the products that I have already taken the photos.

I received this sample quite awhile ago which I torn off from a magazine, so I an not quite sure whether they have improved or made changes to the product or not. However, I don't think there's much to change as this formula is already quite good.

According to Maybelline official website, (Click here) there are 15 shade for this foundation and I found that this shade is roughly suited my skin tone, although I still want to try one tone lighter, just in case the colour can be matched better.


As you can see, the foundation is slightly darker than my hand, but this suited quite well, as the skin tone of my face is around 1/2 tone darker than my hand @.@ (actually I have no idea why my hands are lighter colour, while I only put on sun screen on my face!)

According to Maybelline's describtion, it should blends effortlessly for natural looking, even result. I quite agreed with this. Compare to the Rimmel one that I am using, this is much better. Also, it claims to be light-weighted, matte and contains silicone polymer that prevent caking; and I agreed with these too. However, I am not quite sure whether this will be able to stay during the summer when the temperature is going up and people like me tends to have lots of sweat, as I found this quite easy to wash off.

I think I may buy this if there's a really special promotion as I have lots of foundation at home already. 




  1. @lovelyviolet: oh...maybe the one i have is an old formula, i suppose.


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