3 Step Skincare by Clinique

I can't remember which blog I saw from, but I saw Clinique has run a new advertising programme called 3 things before 30, and that the 1st 10,000 (i think) people who registered will get a mini 3 step skincare set for free!

By completing the survey online, they can determine which skincare suits you most. From the result, my skin is dry and so they sent me clarifying lotion 1, while there are other 3 alternative.

I have begun my testing yesterday, looking forward to see the result after I finished them, which I think around 2 weeks?! since I am not good at finishing skincare products. lol

So what do you think? The only thing I remembered from Clinique is that their advert has been almost the same all these years and I was amazed when my mum told me that they have the same 3 step set when she was young. haha.

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