DIY Storage for Cosmetics + My collection!!!!!

After the ' eye shadow pressing project', I have taken another DIY at home and after 7+ hours, I have finally completed it! By using the existing materials at home, I have come out this cardboard drawer unit. Although it is quite time consuming, this is quite worth the while as I have checked out the options available on high street, there isn't much to choose from. The plastic unit that I used before is nice and cheap, but they are rather small and swallow. The cardboard drawer units available in W H Smith are far too costly, do you want to pay £13 for this? [Yea, I know, the cupcakes are lovely, but costly @.@]

So I decided to make my own at home.

Materials required

  • Scissors, kitchen one can cut though the cardboard easily, while paper craft ones are easy to cut round the corners
  • sellotape
  • old magazines/ papper bags
  • cutter/ pen knife (not necessarily but I much prefer using this than scissors)
  • Glue/ any adhersives
  • lots of boxes in different sizes
  1. Arrange the boxes and have a rough idea of the unit that you want
  2. Cut the smaller boxes to fit in the big box as drawers
  3. Wrap the boxes with pages that you cut out from the magazine [for the outter surface of the big box, I recommended to use shopping bags as they are bigger in size]
  4. Use the left over cardboard and fold them into shape like this, [, and stick them in the middle of the bigger box to give extra support.
  5. Put your makeup back in and you are done!
N.B. if you want to partition the drawers, use the cardboard that you cut out from the small boxes or use the boxes that come with your skincare products [I even use the box that contain pantyliners before =.=]

And closer looks + inside the drawers,

All my sleek palettes and other palettes are inside 4 graze box. [and you don't know graze? Graze is a company that deliver fruit/ nuts box by royal mail right to your office/ home and they are £2.99 each, check out here and get your first box for free]

Got the mini brushes and primer samples inside the box while the rest of the samples are somewhere else, really want to sort them out again, but have to wait till I have moved to a new place.

All my lippies on the top right.

A gap on the top left as I have ran out of boxes that this small, so just put the boxes and palettes here at the time being.

Mascara and some eyeliners on the middle left. I did not put the partition in the middle on purpose, but as I have limited choices on the boxes I have, I cut a square box into half and stick them back face to face.

Eye shadows on the middle right.

Concealers, foundations and blushes at the bottom 2.

So what do you think? I personally really like my drawer unit now as save me some money and can reuse lots of the paper which is good to save some trees.


p.s. extra credit to my boy friend as he has to run to tesco at late 10 to get me a new glue stick!


  1. that is so cool! i think i just my copy your idea as i've been looking for a new storage for my cosmetics and none of them appealed to me. thanks for sharing the idea :D

  2. Oh... how romantic! Not many boys would be willing to do so!


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