Urban Decay


(Courtesy of Lipglossiping)

Just saw these blogs on these 2 palettes today, I did not really keen on Urban Decay book of shadow serious, yes, that's included the Alice in the Wonderland one!

But these 2 palette hit me right at the target, as I want to collect brown/ earth tone palette (which I don't know why) and I love smoky eyes (though I have plenty eye shadows and eye liners to do so =.=)

Since I am currently jobless, so I can only wait till I have found a job... sigh... so in the meanwhile, check them out at: I heart cosmetics for swatches for the Naked palette and news for the Black Palette @ Lipglossiping

Oh.. by the way, the Naked palette is £27 and think available in the House of Fraser and £23 for the Black palette, but not sure where to get.


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