My eye shadow palette after 7 hours, yes, I really meant it!

I received my empty 28 eye shadow palette today from the postman this morning, and I have been working on this till now, which is around 7 hours! I can't believe it, it actually need to take me that long, as I still got lots stuff to do... sigh...

Anyway, here's my palette

To do this, you need
  • a empty palette
  • rubbing alcohol - to disinfect the pans and dissolve the powder
  • glycerin
  • 2 pipettes
  • 2 small bowl to hold the alcohol and glycerin as you don't want to contaminate your big bottle of alcohol and glycerin
  • small bowl or measuring spoon - a tablespoon size is handy as one teaspoon of the liquid mixture can fit in a 26mm diameter pan perfectly.
  • lots of tissues and wet tissues
  • small wooden or plastic sticks and spoons
  • 1 10p coin
  • a muslin cloth or other cloth 
  • a huge bowl of water to wash hand and the utensils.
I know lots of people have different method. I used just alcohol before and it was terrible. This time I add glycerin in, just like how you make a mixing medium, around 50:50 alcohol and glycerin. The result this time is much better as glycerin is thick and viscous, so I can make a smoother and thicker paste into the pan more easily.

So what do you think?

I am so tired now with all the work.

See you next time.


p.s. I am off  to Liverpool later on this month, what you recommend that I should definitely go and visit or which restaurant is good?


Speak if you wish, it would be a pleasure to read.


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