Sleek i-divine Eye shadow palette Circus (LIMITED)!

Finally.... after lots of hazzle and dazzle, I managed to take the photo of the swatch. This poor palette have been sat on my shelf for more than 2 weeks untouched @.@ Apologise that I have already take out the outter box and put it with the rest of the sleek outter box. I really like the boxes, but then, it really annoys me when I put my makeup on, as I dont want to take it out of the box and have to put it back later on.

Compare the usual shimmer/ metallic, sleek has this palette MATTE!

As always, mos of the colours are highly pigmented, but before I received this, I was bit concern with the lilac and white in this palette as I have heard that they are quite difficult to show the colours. And this is kind of true, as you can see, the lilac (2nd role L2) and white (1st roel R3) are relatively lighter than the rest.

So what do you think of this?



  1. i keep looking at this pallet and wondering whether to get it! i love so many of these colours so it may have to be my next purchase :P xx

  2. this pallette looks so nice,but i think i'd make myself look like an 80s throwback hehe!:)

  3. @Blushingloves, yea, I really want this as it is matte. *_*
    @starsglittermagic, this that still available @ Superdrugs??
    @Irene, haha, but why not? lol


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