My Eyeliner Collection

As you can see, I have finally managed to find/ take some photos for the stuff that I need to find a new home at my blog sale. While I was searching around in my make up box, I just shockingly realised that how much eyeliner I have @.@ Well, if this does not amaze you, please tell me how many you have owned at one time/ seen.

There are 34 in total, I am totally amazed....=.=////

Anyway, out of these, I totally recommended 2 brand: Gosh & Prestige.

Gosh velvet touch eyeliner is one of my earliest eyeliner, but then, why I have continued to build this collection while I love it so much?? I have no idea... think more due to the shopping-holic inside me?! They are really soft, high pigmented, quite waterproof, but not that oil-proof as I have tired on my boyfriend's skin. A wide range of colour available and they are only £5 each @ Superdurgs.

I only discovered Prestige total intensity through a few asian bloggers and I was quite regreted that I only found them this year as they are absolutely brilliant. They are soft, easy to glide on and highly pigmented. The only downfall is that they only have 6 colours avaiable at Boots (and they are not fully in stock all the time), while they have 8 colours in the States.

What do you think about them?


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  1. wow big collection**
    I have 9 Eyeliner, black, brown, white, green and purple, and the others are repet colors**



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