Quick guide to wash your brushes

Although I am really a lazy person, keep the makeup brushes clean is a real must. I normally wash my brushes once a month (I know this is a bad habit) but still, I tend to wash my foundation brushes after using it twice (max) as once I use it with liquid foundation, the hair will just stick together.

I know lots of people recommend to use a professional brush cleanser by company like mac, etc

Or artist brush cleanser

But really, do we need these? Maybe they do the job perfectly, do we need to pay extra for these cleansing detergent??

Personally, I rather save money on these products and get myself more cosmetic or even chocolate. ;-P If you search on Youtube or other blogs, there will be plenty alternative methods than using these products.

I have a few methods in hand for cleansing my brushes:

I tend to use a cleansing wipe to remove the foundation or e/s that left over on the back of my hand after I complete my makeup, so I use the wipe to wipe my e/s or blush brushes as I only used them with powder products.

Secondly, I use the shampoos that I don't like or not suitable for my hair, as even for the animal hair brushes, I dont see any problem if we use shampoo to clean them, as really killing 2 birds in 1 stone, save money for cleansers and it seems a waste to throw away the shampoos that are not suitable. I even give my brushes a quick rinse with my hair conditioner if they looks a bit dry.
For those very water proof foundation on my brush, I suggest to use some cleansing oil to remove (or loosen for my case as I tend to forgot to wash my brushes on the same night and the foundation become a bit harden) the residue and then use the shampoo to remove the oil. 
Basically, just treat the brushes like your hair or face.

Thirdly, quick rinse with any soap or washing up liquid is good on sythentics, but not very good on nature hair...

To dry, remember keep the brushes upside down as you seriously dont want the water to dissolve the glue in the brush heads or place them horizontally if you cant find any method to keep them straight. 
I tried to blow dry the brushes before, but remember, keep the dryer in a low temperature!

So how you keep your brush clean?


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