My Travel Bag II

Continued with the previous post.

These are the things that I think I am going to bring. I normally bring samples when I travel, but still just in case I have problems with the samples, I always bring a backup and a lotion to smoothe the irritation. Balm balm Geranium Face balm is the mixture of two. It has beeswax and gernanium essential oil which smooth and claim my skin and also it can be used as a lip balm. I normally bring their tea tree lip balm instead, but this time, for unknown reason, I want to use geranium more. *O*

Garnier Roll on is my stable eye gel as I like their metal ball roll on design. DHC lashes primer is my new favourite which I will write up a review later on.

DHC cleansing oil is my stable makeup remover, as I still haven't enocounter another one that impressed me.

Clinique toner and lotion are my new trial at the moment, so if they are finished before the trip, I need to find something else in the drawer as I still have a range of samples to try out.

Paul Smith Extreme for men is my stable travel perfume too, as it is quite floral and citrus, which I really like.

And for the rest of the samples, wait until I try!

By the way, this is my wash bag that I put all the makeup and toiletries and even underwear. This is extremely handy, you just need to put this out from your suitcase/ bag and can bring it right into the bathroom.

I got this from Lancome 2 years ago, as a gift with purchase and this is exclusive at Harrods.

Inside the bag, as you can see, can put 3+ clear pouches while it is only half filled. All the skincare and stuff are in the yellow pouches and the white one is the Models Own pouch from previous post. The larger and thinner pouch is also come with the wash bag, which I put all the wet things like contact lens and solution, toothbrush, etc.

On the right is my Vivienne Westwood glass case [which is gold in colour!] and the bottom is my bag for underwear and pads.

So catch you up next time.


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