Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner

As I mentioned before, I prefer Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner, but as you can see, I only managed to get hold of 3 of them, with getting 1 from ebay instead of @ Boots.

They are the best eyeliner I have ever encountered, they are long lasting and soft. For once, I have used the black one to draw an inner eyeliner, it managed to stay for more than 10 hours, which I was so amazed.

They have only 6 colours available at Boots for £4.99 each, though they have apparently 8 colours in the US. I wish I can get a hand of that, but don't think I am going back to US for a short while. sigh

Anyway, I managed to find the 8 colours online and for us in UK, we will be missing out the fearless teal and strong slate which are the ones I really want as I am not that interest in fierce blue and powerful purple.

(N.B. these are found on google search engine and belongs to beautyandthedirt.com and vivi-bear from yahoo blog)


These swatches are compare with Gosh Total Intensity eyeliner.

2nd line, L-R:
02 Bold Brown
05 Intense Olive
01 Deepest Black

Compare with Black Ink (R1), I think deepest black is much blacker and Bold brown is in a similar case as it is darker than truly brown.

So this is it, I have finally managed to write the reviews for the 2 eyeliners that I like most, and these are the 3 that come after this.

Stila kajal eyeliner - I saw Michelle Phan (a popular youtube user) used the black colour version  in her video, but sadly I didn't manage to get hold of.
Prestige Mineral eyeliner
Revlon  High Dimension eyeliner
- these 2 are quite soft and highly pigmented, the only downfall is that they do not last that long.

These are my favourite at the moment, but I still have a list of eyeliner that I plan to try:
- Urban Decay 24/7
-Mac Powerpoint
-Make up forever
-L'Oreal HIP

and what else??


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