Muji Cosmetics!!

As Muji skincare range is getting popular in UK, I want to share my new shopping list that I have just send to my friend who just went back home (HK) this holiday. Thank god that I didn't plan to go back home yet, as my shopping list is already cost me more than HKD$500 (around £40) and muji is one of the main section on my list.

Muji cosmetics are good in both price and quality. Most of them are made in Japan and you only need to pay a high street price.

So my shopping list:

Checked Blush - orange ~ £6

[heard that muji blush are a cheaper version of shu uemura, so really keen to try their new verison. I wish to try the single colour ones, but that I don't use blush that often, so wait until i finish my other ones 1st]

Eye shadow quad - 01 brown ~ £6
[although I really like my sleek i-divine palette, they are far too big for my daily makeup bag, so I want to buy a small, handy palette. Also, some of you may notice, the japanese/ asian e/s are quite different from western ones, they are not that vivid but more shimmer.]

Eye Base ~ £5
[it just me, I love to try more eye base products, and this is cheap. lol]

So what do you think??

Can't wait to see them when my friend is back from hk this Sep!


p.s. all photos are from Muji Taiwan

p.s.s. this is good too, but i am not sure whether i should get it or not, what do you think?

Face Powder - Rose ~£8


  1. I never heard of them before... it would be great if you could post some swatches whenever you get some! :)

  2. @Beauty addict, sure, I can't wait to see them

  3. I am Japanese, and I go to Japan every summer. Muji is almost my favorite store! I have one of the eyeshadows, and it is pretty pigmented. I love it!!!!!!


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