Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliners!

Although personally I much prefer Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner, consider every aspect, I really recommend Gosh Velvet Touch eyeliners. This is because 
i) it is much cheaper; 
ii) there's a wider range of colours; 
iii) it is much easier to get hold of, as not all Boots sell Prestige stuff; 
iv) even your local Boots got a Prestige counter, they are not always in stock, especially when it is on 3for2 promotion. =.=///

.Prestige Total Intensity are more waterproof, but Gosh is not bad at all, managed to stay for around 6 hours if I use it as an inner eyeliner. Also, they are soft and easy to glide, the product can be deposit onto your skin easily without dragging them.

Furthermore, don't you think their packaging look bit like MAC? :-)


Golden Cadillac
Truly Brown
Hypnotic Grey 
Golden Moss
Metallic Brass
Black Ink

So what do you think of them??


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