e.l.f. Cool Bronzer

Haha... 2 e.l.f. review in a row... but then, how can i resist to write positive reviews when I like them so much? This is one of the products that I use almost everyday. ;-P I took the photo above at night, so it was slightly paler with a blue tone due to the flash light. But I took the one below under sunlight, so the colours are sharper. 

Here's the swatches. I don't just blend them and brush it onto my face. Instead of a bronzer, I use it as a shape & sculpt palette.  The white to highlight the cheekbone, bridge or the nose & eyebrows. The pink is for the apples of the cheek. The reddish brown (the top right corner) for the shading just right below the cheek & the deep brown for the jaw bone or around the edge of the face (near the hair line)( i will put a drawing up later if i can fix my photoshop 1st...)

I think I will buy this again as I like the packaging (similar to nars ;-P) and the colours. The only down fall is that the white is not that visible, need to apply a few layers while the others are perfect. Consider the price of £3.50, I think it will be my stable piece unless the palette from Sleek can beat it.


What do you think of that?


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