NYX Mosaic Powder

Thank god that it has been sunny for 2 days in a row, so I am more out of the blues...
I have tried most of the NYX stuff already, so I can talk though them one by one.

Actually, I already have a few highlighter at home and I don't need more. But since the colour is very interesting on this piece, I decided may as well put in this the order! ;-P

I haven't tried the colours individually. But when I mixed the colours with a brush, it forms a sheer white on my cheeks.

The effect is much more obvious in real live, sad that I cannot really capture its real essence. But still, I can tell that the skin with highlighter ( 'that stripe') is much brighter and lighter than the rest of my skin.

The only down fall for this is that, it may be too white for warmer or darker skin especially when I started to brush from the white area. Also, the powder isn't compressed enough, there's always powder loosen out.

It worth more than USD$6, so not bad for this small price tag. However, I don't think I would buy it again, as getting things aboard is not always my best option as I am kind of annoyed by the postage (for some compay) and the maximum price to go without inport tax (apparently it is £18, before custom charge for import tax, please correct me if I am wrong)



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