First Light Cosmetics

Well, I just received the samples today. So I haven't tried them yet. But the reason is that I wrote this post is that I just found out a strange thing.

I ordered 2 £1.50 foundation sample which should be 2g each. When they arrived in my place, I just realise that the amount of the content in the 2 bags are totally different.

The one of the LHS obviously much less than the one of the RHS. Well, I have already emailed the company for the reason, but just also curious what you, my fellow bloggers think of it. Or just me that assumes all the foundation from the same company has the same volume when they are in the same weight. (@.@ I think I have back to the cheistry mode that I used to have in A-level....)


p.s. UPDATE!
I just received a reply from the company that they will send me another sample foundation that is low in volume.

Final Update
I have received another sample from the company on Saturday! I was expecting they will send me a full size sample (please forgive my greediness @.@), but instead they send me 1/2 of a full size sample, so now I have a 2g of the product in total!

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