NYC Mod Quad

Just looking at my picasa, wondering what shall I write today.... Then I thought of this. So here we are.

I bought this on Fragrance Direct for £1.50, I think, as I forgot the exact amount. The good thing is that it is cheap and the shadows are highly pigmented, as it is not difficult for me to do the swatches. 

However, when I tried to use it few days ago, I just realise the creme liner is totally useless. This is because I cannot apply it on my eye with a eyeliner brush. I tried a few times, but every single time the colour is just too light. It is even much easier to use the brown colour eyeshadow powder instead.

Anyway, here's the swatches.

In this swatches, you can see the creme liner very clearly on the right. But I seriously have no idea what happened when I tried to apply it with my brush. It will be great if anyone can give me suggestion on that. ;-P

The packaging is good in a firm plastic case. The applicator is just a typical sponge head and it is in good quarlity. For one pound something, I really shouldn't ask for more, should I?


So what do you think of it?


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