Hmm....Ebay troubles


As a partial ebay seller myself, I was quite disappointed by my eBay bidding this week, as I have bum into a few bits & bobs. I have no idea whether I should point my fingers at the seller, but I have bad experiences and it is kind annoying when I was expecting more stuff to play with, while I have to claims for refunds...

Only glad that the sellers are very kind and accept my complains and refund quickly.

Which 2 problems I have?

Bought Benefit powderazzi, the x'mas set from a relatively new seller. When it arrived, one of the blush is used while she claims it was a xmas present that she hasn't touch....

Bought a MAC 168 brush. The hairs of the brush is so good and the smell of the sheep is so strong to the fact that I almost accept that it is a authentic 2nd class product while the seller just claim that he/she bought it from the state. I mean well cant you be honest and said it is a defect one instead claiming that it is authentic?

 Second reason for me to have it refund is that the hairs of the brush is pointing towards right while the official picture that I saw online is pointing to the left.... sigh....

by the way, went to sk:n clinic today for an open day session. but left early as it is kind of shameful for me to have any skin treatment when the ladies sat next to me are 30+ or even there are few age around 60 ladies... I shouldn't complain so much as at least I have rather youthful skin compare to them. Thanks ladies.

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