Primark Again!

Just went out to do Weekend shopping yesterday, went into Primark, and bought stuff again! @.@ But this time I have only spent £2.50 for these 3!

Randomly, I went thought my stuff and see how much cosmetic I bought from Primark, and quite surprised that I bought a few...

By looking at this photo, I just realise I spent roughly £14 on these... actually for cosmetic, they are really cheap, from only £0.50 (when it is on sale) - £2.50. 

There have been a mix view on Primark cosmetic stuff and lots of people wonder whether these are poisonous or not. But I used some of the items for than 10 times, but I don't even have an allergic reaction to any of these.

Of course some of them are good and some of them are rubbish, same as other company. Sometimes it just really depends on the user, I suppose.

But from all the reviews I read, the 2 COLOUR EYE SHADOW is TOTALLY A NO-NO! While apparently 4 quads are okay.

Second thing that I think it's a no-no is that GEL EYE LINER... it is even worst than my kohl pencil and I rather use the kohl pencil, at least i can create a smokey eye @.@ So really STAY AWAY FROM IT!

The mascara is good, but only downfall is that it is not waterproof and does not last long.

There's a mix view on the gel eye shadow, but I quite like it though... its like putting lipgloss on the eye lid.

The eyebrow kit is my favourite out of the brunch. The mini brushes (which are not shown here) are really soft  and perfect size of the job. The powder is so-so, but the gel is good.

The rest are so-so... consider the price, I think it is still a steal... kaka...  anyway.. I will give a more detail view on individual item each time... off to my essay 1st.... see you~


p.s. they have even face primer in stock, if anyone have bought it, please let me know how's it!


  1. Hiya! I've found your blog via Tanya's Giveaway. It's just because you mentioned the magic word Primark. You're so lucky to ahve access to all this cheap stuff. I'd love to see pictures of eye make ups made with the Mineral e/s dusts. Is it possible pls? I can't imagine reviews without pics of an eye make up look, to be honest. I think that they work fine with a coloured base. Unfortunately, the eyebrow kit is too light for my hair type. Anyways, it's great that you're into drugstore brands, too. :-)

  2. hahah... the magic word.. i like this term...well, i wasn't quite prepare to 'expose' my own eyes to our fellow bloggers, but i think i will do that someday ;-P


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