No.7 Metallic Eye Pencil Review

I was talking to my bf last week when I used my last No.7 £5 off voucher, I realised I manage to save around £100, thanks, Mr Boots. So how? What I have done? 

Well, I managed to collect more around 15-17 £5 off voucher all these years and used them to get my entire collection of Ruby & Millie or No.7 brushes/ cosmetic and there's around 17 of them.

Therefore, that's why I have 3 eye pencil of the same kind. This metallic eye pencil is much better than the 2 ended eyeliner that No 7 produced, as the latter is a bit hard & does not last long. This metallic eye pencil is soft and the colour is wonderful as you can see the swatch below, I didn't need to make an effort to write on my hand.

There are 5 colours available in total, but since my bf said the blue looks bit too bright for eyeliner, so I got the green instead this time.

I haven't try the green on eye yet. But when you put the purple on inner eye lid, it looks quite blackish, so I tend to use this when I just tired of putting black eyeliner everyday. The gold is extremely visible and it is great for summer or even clubbing, I suppose.

(hope you are not scared by my eye... @.@ as i took this quite a while ago, and wasnt really good photographer)

For original price at £7.50, I don't think I will get this at all, as I will get eyeliner from Gosh or tried Prestige instead. But for discount price at £2.50, why not? But the only downfall is that there's only 5 colours and I already have 3. It is getting more difficult to spend the £5 voucher nowadays... So hope they will produce some limited edition colours. (or they already have & I didn't notice?)

Score 75/100



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