Sleek Face Contour Kit

At the moment, this is very popular among the blogs and forums. When this was on special promotion last week, it sold out quickly, so glad that I managed to pick the last one up from Westfield Superdrugs.

So this is the palette. Brown for shading and pale pink for highlight.

And how? Where to apply?

There's even instruction for contouring. I actually think they should put 1 more method as well along the jaw line for anyone who want to reduce the size of the jaw line to a more pointy shape.

Compare with another similar duo, Maybelline Mineral Duo that I have. I like this one more. There are 2 reason for this. Firstly, Sleek packaging looks more professional and the fact that it comes with a mirror. Although this does not come with a brush, it really doesn't matter. (as the brush that come with Maybelline is in a very bad quality. Also, for similar price, Sleek £3.99 and Maybelline for £1.95, I got more powder from Sleek than Maybelline.

Compare the colours, Sleek is much better than Maybelline, as it is much easier to get the colour onto my skin. Sometimes it is good that the colour isn't shown that easily as correction can be made easier. But even though Sleek is easy to get the colour onto the skin, it doesn't give a hard colour anyway.

I think I see why this is popular as a drugstore brand at the moment, as it is cheap and easy to access. Also, maybe this is one of the few product that I may consider to repurchase again. This is because even though sometimes I think a certain product is wonderful, I always want to try other things, but for contour, I seriously need a product that really can do the job, as I got a rather large and flat face.


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