Lacura Aqua Complete

I have been using this for around 6months and it is quite good. 

I bought this from Aldi for £1.99 / 50ml. I thought for £1.99, I shouldn't expect much, but compare with Garnier Essentials Day Cream which is around £3 something. Lacura packaging is even better as it comes in a glass(!) jar instead of a plastic one like Garnier. Also it comes in a tiny foil lid too. (see the photo below)

It claims on the box that

"The aqua complex provides long lasting mositure and leaves the skin feeling moisturised and nourished.
the care complex with provitamin B5 and vitamin E leaves the skin soft and supple"

Well, I am not a chemist, not sure whether the vitamins that it claims to have are there or not. But this cream does its main purpose: moisturise. I enjoy using this cream as it is easy to apply on and quick dissolve. The only downfall is that it is not powerful enough for the driest day when the heater is fully on. But in general, it leaves my skin in a good condition after the night.

For £2, this is really a bargin as it does its job.  For my (partially) sensitive skin, it smooths and freshes my skin. So think this is a good buy even if you use it as a day cream rather than a night cream.



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